• George Karboulonis

    Well, this has to be the absolute definition of entrepreneurship!

    You identified promising potential within a situation and managed to use it to your advantage by applying an excellent growth hacking strategy. The additional admirable aspect is, that you also created something that truly added value by figuring out a way to interconnect and boost genuine engagement among the participating startups, something that the Web Summit itself failed to address effectively.

    This is an amazing business lesson for all aspiring entrepreneurs, startups and businesses out there. Learn to identify underlying dynamics in every situation you find yourself at and develop a strategy that will aid your cause.

    Every single member of those 1500+ startups could have thought of this, but no one did, except of you.

    Kudos! I hope those thousand pageviews granted you some conversions. They definitely put your name out there though 😉

    • Thank you! To be fair, the brilliant team here pulled this off long before I worked with the company – I was just tasked with re-telling the (awesome) story, so I can’t take much credit here! Still, I think it’s such a great example of how a little bit of creativity can put you ahead by leaps and bounds. The hardest part for most people wanting to do something like this is that there’s no exact formula, and no guarantees that the ideas you come up with are going to land like you hope they will.