Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

Engage employees with a simple survey.

Happy employees are effective employees, and they’re less likely to leave their jobs at a moment’s notice whenever a new opportunity rears its head. In 2014, one report determined that nearly three quarters of employees in the US weren’t satisfied with their jobs - yikes!

Luckily, you can use simple employee satisfaction surveys to…

Boost workplace morale and efficiency
Solve potential problems before they cause serious repercussions
Help shape public opinion - disgruntled workers often have no shortage of stories to spread about their employers.

Here’s an example satisfaction survey template, which the fictional “Pennyweather Marketing Professionals” firm sends out to its employees every Wednesday in order to keep up with how they're doing.

This employee satisfaction survey is effective because it…

It’s pretty simple:

Employees who feel valued and listened to are more likely to foster a positive opinion of your company, and are more likely to do the best work they possibly can in their hours at the office each day.

How to apply this to your own company

Outside of this quick example, think about what questions you might add with specific relevance to your employees. Do you suspect an issue in your office dynamic? Are you considering planning an engagement event or making a big change? Quickly collect honest feedback to help either reaffirm your decisions or help point you in a smarter direction.

Come to think of it, we actually have a simple, drag and drop tool that helps you take care of all of that with beautiful, responsive survey solutions.

It’s called Responster, and you can have your first employee engagement survey up and running in the next 5 minutes.