Event Feedback Survey Template

Learn how to improve event engagement with a simple survey.

Events are hot right now. From tech meetups, to industry mega-conferences, to hobbyist collaborations, the needs of any event are largely the same across the board:

Give attendees an enjoyable experience
Let them walk away feeling like they’ve learned something
Be the best event in your niche

Let’s take a look at how the organizers of the fictional “Tech Breakfast 2015” might go about creating a survey to help them improve and adapt to have an even more successful 2016 event.

This event survey is
effective because it…

It’s not complicated:

By creating an intelligent questionnaire, the Tech Breakfast organizers are setting themselves up to be perceived as caring, responsive, competent event runners who work directly in accordance to their attendees’ needs.

How to apply this to your event

Post-event surveys are awesome - by why not collect feedback in realtime as well? Running event survey software on an ipad or tablet kiosk can allow you to be as adaptive as it gets: Respondents saying music is too loud? You’re on it. Are guests unable to find their way to a secondary stage? Great, you can pop up some new signs!

Plus, you can take it even earlier into the process and help plan for your event before it starts by sending out surveys on food preferences, speaker requests, and more to your email lists and registered attendees.

Pretty cool, right?

The survey above was created with our our own survey software, Responster; it’s as easy as drag and drop to use, and perfect for event feedback at any and every stage.

With beautiful themes, customizable event branding, device responsiveness, and offline capabilities, guaranteeing event success has never been easier.