Product Feedback Survey Example

Cutting costs and selling more with a simple survey.

Products that are perfectly iterated to fit market needs are going to sell more, period. Plus, a brand that actively asks for and adapts to customer needs is a consumer’s dream come true.

Collecting product feedback will ensure that you...

Don’t waste time and money on features your customers don’t care about.
Can make accurate demand and sales predictions.
Can keep ahead of competitors in developing the solutions your market wants.

Let’s take a look at what a product survey might actually look like in action. In this example, fictional brand “Jensen’s Widget Superstore” is emailing out a survey to their customer email list to help find out how they can improve their widgets.

This product survey is
effective because it…

  • Offers an incentive to help drive participation
  • Establishes how heavy of a widget user the customer is, so that the rest of their answers can be weighted accordingly.
  • Helps to establish where their products stand when compared with other brands.
  • Gives customers an open-ended opportunity to make suggestions.
  • Establishes more ways to keep in touch with a customer by collecting phone numbers from respondents.
  • Allows respondents to review their answers before submitting
  • Thanks respondents for their time, and informs of any next steps.

It’s not rocket science:

Brands that collect product feedback and regularly pay attention to the opinions of their target markets vastly outperform their competitors.

How to apply this to your brand

When creating your own survey to collect product feedback, be sure to use a platform that allows complete control of your questions and input types, so that you can tailor your survey to deliver the most useful, actionable insights for your brand.

Other things to keep in mind are mobile responsiveness, for users who open surveys on a phone or tablet, ease of organizing and viewing results, and appealing design elements to help ensure your survey actually gets completed once started.

Conveniently enough, we’ve made a drag and drop survey solution tool that does all of that. You can have your product survey up, running, and ready to share in the next 5 minutes - for free.