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Here are 3 major ways our clients are using feedback to grow their businesses.
Grab Customer Feedback in Realtime & Start Selling Smarter.

By using an on-location device to display your Responster survey, you can quickly and easily find out what your customers think about their experience right when it happens. Because feedback can be collected and analyzed in realtime, you can make changes based on the feedback you receive the same day, hour, or even the same minute.

Let’s say you run a restaurant and decide to start collecting feedback from your diners as they leave using an iPad kiosk displaying a survey you’ve created. The survey asks about various elements of the dining experience. To encourage participation, you might even offer a coupon for a free appetizer in exchange for filling out the survey.

You find out that people love your food, but you also discover than several customers mention that there have been times they’ve chosen not to come to your restaurant because it takes so long to get their food. Perhaps you also learned that some dishes on your menu are only ordered an average of 1-2 times per evening, but you recognize these particular meals as ones that take up a lot of cooktop space and can slow down your entire kitchen.

You take things one step further and add a question to gauge how important various elements of the dining experience are to your customers; customers let you know that they rate the plating and presentation of their meals fairly low in importance, whereas speed of service and meal taste are of high importance.

With this feedback, you realize there are actionable steps you can start taking right now to cut down the time it takes for food to get from the kitchen to the customer, so you:

  • 1) Remove a couple of dishes from the menu which aren’t extremely popular, but which take up a lot of time and space to make when they do get ordered.

  • 2) Streamline the inspection of plates before they’re brought to the customer, by doing things like opting to stop placing extra garnish on meals before sending them out.

As a result, customers are getting their food quicker, so they’re happy, plus you’ve simplified your menu, so the cooks are happy, and finally, you’re actually saving money by not having to purchase garnish and pay for the extra time employees were taking to plate dishes.

That sounds like a win, win, win, doesn’t it?

The bottom line is that every business can gain a lot from taking the time to collect feedback from their customers and then adapting their process to best service them. Often, there’s something taking up time and resources that you view as important, but your customers couldn’t care less about. Sometimes, it’s the other way around. Whatever your business, it can be improved by collecting and analyzing the data your customers are more than likely willing to give you.

While a restaurant is just one example, Responster has a place on the sales floor, on the sidewalk, and anywhere else customers and leads interact with your business.

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