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The well-being and performance of employees is the lifeblood of any strong business, and while walkabout management conversations help to service smalltalk, many times employees aren’t given a great platform for giving detailed feedback on work environment, process effectiveness, and job satisfaction.

Employees are an automatic network of idea generators and improvement engineers that we all have, but in many businesses, a formal HR channel or a face-to-face with a superior are the only options for offering meaningful feedback. The former can be time consuming and bureaucratic to the point of discouraging participation, and the latter can be intimidating and keep employees from being completely honest with their concerns.

Luckily, you can remedy the situation as soon as right now by sending out a Responster survey to your employees to collect feedback and get suggestions on how processes could be streamlined, what would make them more happy on the job, and more.

Let’s say you manage a network of successful mobile phone stores, and surveying reveals some major shortcomings in your sales capabilities. Your salespeople let you know that the training they’re currently receiving leaves them feeling unequipped to fully answer some common customer questions they’re being asked about contracts, and they feel they’re losing sales because of it. Yikes!

By quickly adjusting training policy, or even just sending your salespeople information to help address these common customer concerns, you’re immediately accomplishing three things:

  • 1) You’ve shown your employees you’re responsive to their feedback by quickly addressing their concerns, adding to your value and appeal as an employer.

  • 2) You’ve helped your sales team feel more confident about their job competency; employees who are confident in their direction and skills are happier with their work.

  • 3) You’ve inadvertently plugged up a sales leak that you didn’t even know you had before!

That’s a lot to show for a simple action that could take place, start to finish, in just a couple of days. Now imagine how much progress you could make in employee performance and satisfaction with regular feedback collection and analysis!

The primary issue addressed by employee surveying with Responster is that you simply don’t know what you don’t know. Better put: You’ll never be able to improve work conditions and address concerns if you don’t know which shortfalls exist in the first place!

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