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Here are 3 major ways our clients are using feedback to grow their businesses.
Make Your Event A Standout Success.

Planning a conference, meetup, event, or series of events isn’t difficult… but making them runaway successes is. The key to growing these events and bringing in a bigger, more engaged audience is simple: Give the people what they want. Of course, you’ve got to find out exactly what that is first, don’t you? Let’s take a look at how Responster can help to take your event to the next level.

The world of startups is an exciting one right now, so let’s imagine you’re looking to setup a conference for startups in your city. You’ve attended events elsewhere that have given you an idea of what you want, but you recognize that every business scene has its own pulse.

You start by gathering the names and contact information of every startup in your city, and also jot down some exciting new businesses from neighboring cities that you hope might make the journey to your event. Next, you send out a survey to every business on your list asking what they would expect from such an event, as well as what they’d like to walk away with after the fact.

Pretty soon, you’ve got a small database of responses. Since you used Responster (of course!), you can now go ahead and easily search through your responses for common suggestions, keywords, and even link up answers with the individual startups who submitted them. Nice!

Fast forward a few months, and you’ve used your feedback to arrange relevant speakers and setup requested activities. Of course, you want to make sure you live up to expectations, so you set up iPad kiosks with Responster surveys on-site on the day of the event. Since you can monitor incoming responses in real time, you let attendees know that they can actively make suggestions and weigh in throughout the day using the kiosks. Now, you’ve got a real time way to collect feedback.

Are you hearing an area is too crowded? You can go rearrange it! Is your on-stage audio too quiet for all of your audience members to hear speakers? You can adjust it! Are you getting reports that a certain presentation stage is too hard to find? You can print out some quick signage to help point people in the right direction!

In short, you’re taking what could have been problems and changing them into opportunities to come across as the crown prince of responsive event planning.

Finally, you can make your next event even better by collecting suggestions as people leave, or by mailing your list of attendees after the event has finished.

Bam! Three different stages of event planning, three different ways Responster can help.

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