Finally, mobile surveys that deliver

No more tiny text. No more misbehaving buttons. No more ugly.

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Nowadays, a survey that isn’t mobile isn’t much of a survey at all. Luckily, Responster was designed to be the go-to mobile survey tool for businesses, and it shows in every feature.

Just as there’s no quicker way to deter mobile users from engaging with your non-optimized website, there’s no better way to see your survey response rates plummet than by failing to make your surveys easy to look at and a joy to complete on mobile devices.

No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Native iOS and Android apps.

Mobile phones and tablets alike get responsive, perfectly fitted surveys that are a joy to complete.

Elements custom designed for mobile.

All buttons, text, and graphical elements of Responster surveys are designed to be easy to interact with as a mobile user.

Offline capabilities.

Even today, wifi and mobile internet might not be available everywhere you want to survey. Luckily, devices running the Responster app don’t need connectivity - they’ll simply store responses locally and upload them the next time your device connects to wifi!

Surveys created with a true mobile survey tool...

Make your organization look more professional when asking for feedback.

Are more likely to be completed by respondents.

Don’t crash or behave unexpectedly; what you see is what you get.

Plus, our drag and drop builder makes it easy to have your survey’s built, shared, and collecting insights on any device in just a few minutes.