Real-time, on-site surveys

Ensure service excellence across physical locations with interactive kiosk surveys

Why on-site surveys?

When you have multiple locations, you closely monitor your sales numbers at each location, but how much do you really know about the cause of those numbers? Here are three benefits our customers see when enhancing their day to day operations with on-site surveys.

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Quality control

Effectively manage your portfolio of locations. Establish customer satisfaction baselines, see who is exceeding vs. underperforming, and get a leading indicator of performance.

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Instant data

Traditional survey solutions perform poorly since they are sent days, weeks, or months after contact. In-store iPad or tablet surveys can instantly capture customer reactions "in the moment."

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Lead Generation

Easily collect valuable customer information like email addresses, names, and telephone numbers. Since everything is digital, there's no more time consuming manual data entry is required from paper forms or comment cards.

How it works

1. Easy setup

Build your questionnaire with our intuitive drag & drop survey editor and add your own design and logo to match your brand. When you're done, hit the publish button and your new survey is automatically synced to all your connected devices.

Branded Survey Questions
Collecting real-time data

2. Collect in real-time

Ready your devices and place them in spots with high customer traffic. Now you're ready to collect data from your venues. Every time a visitor completes your survey, their answers are immediately synced to the cloud so you can monitor your performance in real-time.

3. Instant insights

Automated reports let your team identify potential issues immediately rather than have them show up later in sales numbers and negative online reviews. Learn from fresh data every day and monitor how your customers react to the changes you make in your business.

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"With Responster, we get a system that is flexible and easy to use. It lets us ask questions designed for our line of work and it's as easy as it gets to analyze the answers."

Patrik Vrbanc - Master Training

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"Using Responster gives us the possibility to collect employee satisfaction data in real time and to take immediate action where and when necessary!"

Mia Makower - DHL Express

No connection? No problem!

Even in today's internet age, it's not always possible to have a Wifi or data connection. Luckily, Responster let's you collect data offline using any device, and everything is synced and uploaded once a connection is re-established.

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Tailor to suit your team

Invite your colleagues to keep everyone up to date. Organize your employees into their real-world teams so just the right people are part of the process. Manage levels of access so stakeholders can work with a single survey, manage a team - or administer the entire company.

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Full control - At your fingertips

With our remote Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, you always have a complete overview of your devices. Manage user access, update surveys and, get notified if any issues arise.

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Get the most out of your on-site surveys

Here are six things to consider when setting up an on-site kiosk survey.

Keep it short

Remember, this survey is most likely taking place during the customer's in-store experience. The last thing you want to have is your customer taking a survey that cuts into the timeliness of your business's services.

Keep it simple

There's no need for your survey to be a brain-teaser in these situations. Ask customers questions that have clear response choices to select from. This will save your customers' time and give you high-quality data.

Keep it relevant

Focus on what you can get the most relevant feedback about. For example, kiosk surveys may not be the best for product feedback. Why? It's likely that your customer hasn't had a chance to interact fully with your product yet.

Experiment with placement

Placing the kiosk where there is a high stream of customers is a great way of boosting response rates. For example, at an exit right before the customers leave is a perfect spot to place the kiosk.

Show some appreciation

Show your customers that their feedback is important to you and that you value their opinions. Offering incentives, such as discounts or deals, is a great way of rewarding respondents for taking a survey.


You will rarely get the questions right from the very beginning. Don't be afraid to reformulate existing questions or come up with completely new ones based on the initial responses from your customers.

For data-driven companies

Thousands of companies use Responster to empower their teams with instant, actionable insights.

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"Understanding how patients perceive our service is very important. With Responster we're getting a fast and easy way to measure our patients' experiences immediately after their visits."

– Åsa Brandt

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"With Responster, we get a system that is flexible and easy to use. It lets us ask questions designed for our line of work and it's as easy as it gets to analyze the answers."

– Patrik Vrbanc

Smarter decisions. Better business. Data-driven growth.



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