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Ensure service excellence across physical locations with interactive kiosk surveys. No more tiny text. No more misbehaving buttons.

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Happy customers mean a healthy bottom line. Customer satisfaction surveys can help you better understand customer wants, likes, and dislikes, and help you improve your business to better serve your target market.

Manage feedback with clarity

Responster gives you the tools, collaboration, and control you need to power your feedback process - from customer satisfaction to employee engagement - all in one place.

Manage feedback with clarity

Responster gives you the tools, collaboration, and control you need to power your feedback process - from customer satisfaction to employee engagement - all in one place.

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Actionable Insights

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With Responster, you get a survey tool that is

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Responster runs beautifully in any browser, or natively on any Android or iOS device, so you can reach your customers wherever they are.

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Responster’s integrated sharing tools allow you to easily bring your surveys to life on your own website or via your social media channels.

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We pride ourselves on felxibility, helping you to create custom solutions to suit their needs and integrate with tools you already use.

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Everyone from our CEO to our lead developer answers questions and provides world-class support whenever you need it.

One platform, all of the answers.

Take control of every aspect of your feedback process - from customer care, to product testing, to employee engagement - all with one tool, all in one place.

Pretty neat, right?

The top feedback-driven companies in their industries have been shown to outgrow the nearest competition by over 2X.

That’s because they can...

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Companies who use feedback tools can spot and ride trends, rather than chasing them after the fact.

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Companies with a constant finger on the pulse of their customers, employees, and markets are in a better position to adapt and quickly make smart directional choices.

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Crush the competition

Companies who actively reach out to customers have higher levels of engagement, brand recognition, and brand loyalty in their markets.

Which might have to do with our best-in-class suite of features, including things like...

15+ Question Types

Get creative with smileys, thumbs, multiple choice and more to create exactly the questions you want.

Smart Question Logic

Adapt survey progression based on a respondent's answers.

Complete Control

Add additional instructions, allow multiple answers, or implement skip logic on any question.

Themes & Branding

Design from scratch, or simply add your company logo to one of our stunning premade templates.

One-Click Exportation

Get your data in CSV, Excel, or PDF format for easy sharing and third-party importation.

Automatic Reports

Receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports of survey data automatically in your inbox.

Text Response Analysis

Easily dig through written answers and uncover trends with our built-in word cloud tool.

Embed Functionality

Collect responses directly from your website with embedded surveys. Copy, paste, done

Social Sharing

Easily share questionnaires to social media without leaving the survey builder.

In-app Integration

Integrate Responster surveys directly into your own application using our API (coming very soon!).

Multi-user accounts

Manage users & teams, and keep track of all activity from a centralized dashboard.

Role management

Collaborate and co-create surveys with our permission based role management system.

Thousands of companies already use Responster to inform their decision making with data and empower their teams with actionable, realtime insights.

Responster gives you the tools, collaboration, and control you need to power your feedback process - from customer satisfaction to employee engagement - all in one place.

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"Understanding how patients perceive our service is very important. With Responster we're getting a fast and easy way to measure our patients' experiences immediately after their visits."

– Åsa Brandt

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"With Responster, we get a system that is flexible and easy to use. It lets us ask questions designed for our line of work and it's as easy as it gets to analyze the answers."

– Patrik Vrbanc

Smarter decisions. Better business. Data-driven growth.



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