Customer Feedback Surveys

Gather customer feedback to improve your business, product, and user experience

Why customer feedback?

Happy customers mean a healthy bottom line. Customer satisfaction surveys can help you better understand customer wants, likes, and dislikes, and help you improve your business to better serve your target market.

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Reach your audience

Since Responster's surveys are mobile-ready, you can reach your customers wherever they are. You can even capture on-site feedback with kiosk surveys for iOS and Android.

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Get instant feedback

Traditional customer feedback software is sent too long after the fact to be effective. Make sure you're capturing customer opinions "in the moment" instead.

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Act in time

With Responster, your survey data is synced in realtime, so you can notice and act upon trends as they're coming in. Quick responses to customer needs rarely go unrewarded.

Happy customers help grow your business

It's no secret: customer feedback helps you improve your support processes, sales engagements, marketing campaigns, and much more. Deliver unparalled customer experiences and leave your competitors scracthing their heads.

Predict customer behavior

Customer feedback has a strong correlation with future spending behavior. Leverage this knowledge to ensure your business is positioned correctly within your market.

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Engage your audience

Turn your customers into the "fanboys" (and girls) of your brand! Encourage feedback, make sure you listen to what they have to say, and let them know that you care. Prepare to get some love in return when satisfied customers spread the word about your company.

Stop churn in its tracks

Unhappy customers take their business elsewhere. We help you identify them before they throw in the towel so you can keep your hard-earned customers.

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Crush the competition

The top feedback-driven companies in their industry have been shown to outpace the growth of their competitors by 200%. Leave your competitors in the dust by controlling word-of-mouth mindshare.

Surveys that help your business grow

Here are a few examples of surveys that you can create to connect with your customers and boost your brand.

Support satisfaction surveys

Understanding what customers think of your support department can help you offer stellar support. Triggering a customer support satisfaction survey after a customer inquiry will make sure that you continuously improve your support effort.

Product satisfaction surveys

So, your product is used daily by your customers? Learn what they think of it and how they use it by sending out a product satisfaction survey. See an example here.

Sales satisfaction surveys

Sales companies want to know what made customers buy from them. Learning about this from customers, and how likely the customers are to make a purchase again in the future, helps the companies stay competitive on the market.

Website satisfaction surveys

Creating the perfect website from scratch is hard, if even impossible. Asking the visitors simple questions in a timely manner about the content, style and presentation of your website will help you improve the website over time.

Client satisfaction surveys

Companies offering client services such as accounting, IT management and more, need to know what the clients think of the services. Periodic client satisfaction surveys can help you track customer satisfaction over time.

Overall satisfaction surveys

Getting the holistic picture of the customers overall satisfaction with your business can help you make great decisions. Sending out periodic surveys ensures that you stay up to date on the overall customer satisfaction.

No matter how you need to use Responster, we’re sure you’ll fit right in.



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