HR and Employee Surveys

Drive engagement and boost job satisfaction with employee feedback.

Why employee feedback surveys?

Delighted employees are the cornerstone of every successful organization. Every one of your employees has a voice, but are they feeling heard? Employee surveys help you identify and resolve issues to keep your employees happy and motivated.

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Show you care

Regular surveying helps to show employees that their opinions matter, and that you're always listening to their suggestions and concerns.

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Get instant feedback

Traditional customer feedback software is sent too long after the fact to be effective. Make sure you're capturing customer opinions "in the moment" instead.

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Act in time

Use employee feedback to drive positive management, and resolve potential employee pain points before they become a real problem.

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"With Responster, we get a system that is flexible and easy to use. It lets us ask questions designed for our line of work and it's as easy as it gets to analyze the answers."

Patrik Vrbanc - Master Training

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"Using Responster gives us the possibility to collect employee satisfaction data in real time and to take immediate action where and when necessary!"

Mia Makower - DHL Express

Tend to your #1 business asset

Happy employees are essential for the success of every organization. Collecting feedback from your employees will give you a richer understanding of what inspires them, motivates them, and keeps them loyal to your company.

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HR Surveys: Recruitment, development and retention

Hire and train the best in the business

HR ain't easy. Take some of the pain out of recruiting, developing, and retaining the best minds in the business by using HR surveys as a part of your on-boarding process.

Stop employee churn in its tracks

Unhappy employees that feel overlooked have a high probability of looking for opportunities elsewhere. We help you identify at-risk employees and make them feel at home again.

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Employee feedback surveys that help your business grow

Here are some examples of of great employee surveys you can use today

Weekly satisfaction surveys

Keep up to date on employee engagement and satisfaction with regular checkins. You can even check out a live example of what this might look like by clicking here.

Team meeting surveys

How effective and productive are your team meetings for the employees? Next time your team gathers, follow up with a survey to learn what they think about the meeting structure and how it can be improved.

360 Degree feedback

360 degree feedback lets your employees give feedback to one another from anywhere, on any device. Peer reviewing has never been easier and it enables your employees to stay on top of their games at all time.

Employee benefits surveys

Are your benefit programs appreciated by your employees? By conducting an employee benefits survey, HR managers can get feedback and valuable options to tailor a package that fits the needs of employees better.

Recruitment surveys

Understanding how the recruitment process can be improved is a key objective for a company to secure future hirings. Successful companies survey their recruits after the process is over to learn how they can improve.

Employee training surveys

From the moment employees start with an organization, training is essential to their development and success. Online surveys can be used to measure employee knowledge at key milestones along their career path.

No matter how you need to use Responster, we’re sure you’ll fit right in.



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