Event and Conference Surveys

Event survey software that connects you to attendees at every step.

Why use event survey software?

When you want to nail your event with flawless execution, Responster helps you create truly memorable event experiences by engaging your attendees and learning about their expectations in real-time.

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Listen to your attendees

Be responsive and you'll stand out from the crowd. Collect feedback before, during and after your event to find opportunities that help you exceed your attendees' expectations.

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Get instant feedback

Why wait to collect event feedback when you can do it in real-time? With Responster you can use on-site surveying to capture people's real reactions "in the moment."

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Collect leads

Easily collect valuable customer information like email addresses and phone numbers anywhere, anytime.

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"With Responster, we get a system that is flexible and easy to use. It lets us ask questions designed for our line of work and it's as easy as it gets to analyze the answers."

Patrik Vrbanc - Master Training

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"Using Responster gives us the possibility to collect employee satisfaction data in real time and to take immediate action where and when necessary!"

Mia Makower - DHL Express

How it works

Create amazing event experiences by surveying your attendees before, during, and after your event

Before the Event

Your big day is getting closer and you've a lot on your plate - a venue to prepare, speakers to book, food to cater, and staff to hire. It's easy to get lost in the details and miss the big picture. Collect feedback from your attendees before the event to get them engaged, learn about their expectations, and to make sure your time goes into the aspects that matter most to your attendees.

Event planning surveys
Real-time survey on event

During the Event

After weeks, or maybe months, of preparations it's finally the big day. Be sure you make the most of it! Small things like music being played too loud, spaces that are too crowded, or facilities that are hard to find can make all the difference to your attendee experiences. Be responsive and use real-time feedback to identify and fix these issues as they arise.

After the Event

Just after the event is the perfect time to grab feedback and find out how it went. After all your efforts to create a great event, this is the time to nail down what you can do to make your next one even more memorable. More often than not, your attendees will have some thoughts for you, so make sure you capture their feedback while the event is still fresh in their minds.

Feedback and rating with survey

Get the most out of your event survey

Here are six key aspects of a great event survey.


Send your survey when it's most relevant. If you're delivering a post-event survey make sure to distribute your survey while the experience is still fresh in the minds of your attendees.


Think through what feedback is most relevant before, during and after the event. Distribute your questions evenly instead of overwhelming your attendees with one large survey at the end.


Provide an incentive for your attendees to complete your event survey. Small things like the chance of winning a price are powerful motivators for increasing survey response rates.


See your survey as part of your customer communication. Don't hesitate to include some info about your next event or a compelling action, like signing up for a newsletter.


If you send out a survey during the event, it's very likely your attendees will take it on their phones. We guarantee that your surveys look amazing on every device.


Brand your survey in a similar style as your event to make it recognizable. Plus, visual cues can help attendees relive the experience as they take your survey.

No matter how you need to use Responster, we’re sure you’ll fit right in.



How it works

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