Product & Market Research Surveys

Set your products and services up for success with feedback.

Why product and market surveys?

Building the right products for the right people is critical to your success. Assumptions - even educated guesses - leave room for error, a risk you can't afford to take. Gathering proper feedback gives you the insider knowledge you need to evaluate your products, plan new releases, grow your business and, succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

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Reach your customers

With social sharing, website integrations and mobile-ready surveys you'll reach your target market no matter where they are or what they're up to.

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Get instant feedback

Traditional survey solutions perform poorly due to time delay, with Responster you can capture feedback "in the moment."

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Make change come easy

With digital surveys and real-time data, you have the tools you need to keep your team agile and make informed decisions at a moment's notice.

Create better products

Whether you're creating software, apps, or real-life widgets, product feedback will get you on your way to being more competitive, improving your product, and creating items your customers will love.

Product feedback survey

Pains & Needs

Does your product meet your customers needs and solve their pains, now and in the future?


What associations do users make when thinking of your products, brand and designs?


What enhancements do your users want to see, and which features can they live without?


How much are your buyers willing to pay for you products and what are their pricing sensitivities?

Explore new markets

Use market research surveys to uncover new opportunities and identify the small enhancement that can make a big difference when entering a new market.

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Does your product meet your customers needs and solve their pains, now and in the future?

Verify opportunities

Is the market you find most interesting also the one with most potential to grow your business?

Product-market fit

Who is your best customer on the new market and how can you adapt to reach product-market fit?

Market readiness

Does your product meet customer needs now or will the opportunity be greater in the future?

Know your product - Grow your business

Here are just a few examples of areas where you can use product feedback surveys to help your business grow.

Existing products and services

Get feedback on your product that's currently on the market. Learn what customers like and dislike, and what updates you can make to improve the experience for current users and attract new customers. Check out a live example here.

New products and services

Whether you're early on in the planning process or you're just about to send your product to market, a survey can help you discover whether you have the right target audience and the right features.

Quality control

Follow up on your delivered products to find out how features, details and looks are holding up. A product quality survey can help pinpoint design flaws and wins to help you improve your product.

Adjusting features

Less isn't necessarily more, and more may not be better. Use a product satisfaction survey to find out what your clients think about the features your product has, the features they never use, and the features they'd love to see.

No matter how you need to use Responster, we’re sure you’ll fit right in.



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